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America's Newest Iconic Street

Welcome to The "Charm’tastic Mile" of Baltimore (Love That 1.3) ! Our company serves as the engine to what our community calls the new “Renaissance of Baltimore,” which involves transforming our city into a cosmopolitan metropolis. The main focus of all ou​r projects is to promote our area  the marquee destination landmark referred to as The "Charm'tastic Mile" (Love That 1.3). 2021 will mark the 5th Anniversary (2016-2021) of The "Charm'tastic Mile" being introduced to Charm City.

This is the Ceremonial/Honorary name for a 1.3-mile street corridor in Baltimore, Maryland that connects Downtown-West, the Inner Harbor, and Harbor East. This thoroughfare, simply referred to as “The Mile,” was inspired by The Magnificent Mile, or the iconic Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois that spans 13 whole blocks.

We want to create an iconic street for the city of Baltimore, a gateway to the Southeast (i.e., North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida), Northeast Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts.


The "Charm'tastic Mile" of Baltimore

This is the Iconic & Majestic photo of The "Charm'tastic Mile" first Street Sign with the backdrop of the 414 Light Street Hi-rise Apartment Building. It's the tallest structure in the city with 44 floors.

America's Most Iconic Streets:

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to turn our beloved street into one of the top 15 most iconic/famous streets in America as “Charm City” grows to become a major metropolis here in the country and around the world.


The "Charm'tastic Mile​" is the next big thing for the City of Baltimor​e for tourists & residence. It's that famous street that's talked about and becomes it's own brand. ( Hotel Magazine)

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Use our contact information to get in touch with us today. While you are at it, request a free consultation if you have a specific business proposal you’d like to pursue in our area. If you have any other questions, simply fill out the inquiry form on this page. Also, make sure to stay updated by liking and following our official Facebook and Twitter pages. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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The "Charm'tastic Mile" (Love That 1.3) is open to all visitors in the USA and worldwide. Visit Charm City and take a Stroll on The Mile. 

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24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Contact Information 

The "Charm’tastic Mile" of Baltimore Inc.

Office Address:

320 S. Ann Street, First Floor

Baltimore, Maryland 21231-2502


Mobile: 443-851-5244 
 Attention: Derrick E. Vaughan

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