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Offering Everything You Could Want in a Tourist Destination and More

Welcome to The "Charm'tastic Mile" (Love That 1.3). America's Newest Iconic Street connecting Downtown-West, the Inner Harbor & Harbor East. It's the magical 1.3 mile corridor in the heart of downtown Baltimore.

National Famous Streets of America Month

The "Charm'tastic Mile" of Baltimore (Love That 1.3) is proclaiming December 2020 as National Famous Streets of America month honoring all of the Famous/Iconic streets around the country. From Rodeo Drive, to Hollywood Blvd., from the Vegas Strip to The Magnificent Mile & Pennsylvania Avenue (White House) to Wall Street (NYC) and countless others here in good old U.S.A.

Everything You Need Is in 

The Mile 

When you visit Baltimore take a stroll or cruise along The "Charm’tastic Mile".  Check out these amazing hotels, restaurants & shops. It's always something happening on The Mile:

For more details about these commercial establishments, get in touch with The Charm’tastic Mile of Baltimore Inc. today!

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